Drunken Videos from PubCon 2006

November 29, 2006 by · 4 Comments 

As promised in my PubCon 2006 Night Life post, I've got a bunch of videos from Thursday evening. All of the videos I've got so far are from Amanda. Andrew's content is stuck on his phone because he lost his USB transfer cable.

The videos have been recompressed using DivX (with MP3 audio) so they should be playable on almost every computer. That also had the wonderful side effect of reducing the total file size from 585MB to 54MB. In any case, getting to what you're here for... The videos!

Video 1 - Meet everyone

Video 2 - Getting out of the limo

Video 3 - What a tattoo costs

Video 4 - Dave getting ready

Video 5 - Matt getting ready

Video 6 - Dave's stick-on tattoo

Video 7 - Matt's stick-on tattoo

Video 8 - The work begins

Video 9 - Dave asking a woman about her "boobies"

Video 10 - More of Dave rambling

Video 11 - Matt in pain

Video 12 - Dave says "size matters"

Video 13 - "He's a part of it now..."

Video 14 - I need mucho drinko

Video 15 - Do you need ointment?

Video 16 - Matt's done!

Video 17 - Dave's done!

Video 18 - Hey boss! I got a tattoo!

Video 19 - I can't wait until this is all over the internet...

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4 Responses to “Drunken Videos from PubCon 2006”
  1. Jason says:

    Oops... I forgot to make this public until now... My bad...

  2. Like the video titles. :) Nice work. Had a great time with you. Don't work to hard. haha

  3. Ron says:


    Yeah, great captions and images for each video. That was a crazy night and I didn't realize how much I drank until listening to me try to talk on these videos! Great meeting you.


  4. Jason says:

    That night was a blast and it was great meeting all of you as well. If you happen to be out our way, let me know and we'll make a night of it. It's only a couple hours to Atlantic City any maybe this time someone can get an Xoxide tattoo. :)

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