Upgrading to PHP 5.2.3 on RHEL and CentOS

June 1, 2007 by · 56 Comments 

PHP 5.2.3 has been released. This version does not have the massive number of bug fixes that came with 5.2.2 (which included many of the patches from the Month of PHP Bugs), but it does have some useful fixes included, including the fix for the HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA bug that was introduced in PHP 5.2.2.

This build was relatively straight forward and didn't require any modifications to the spec file from my build of 5.2.2. I'll probably do a respin when MySQL 5.0.42 is finally marked as "released" (the source package is already available but the changelog hasn't been updated with an official release date).

For those that like to build from source, feel free to use the Source RPM from the link below. For my repository users, the new version is already available and all you'll need to do is run a "yum update".

UPDATE (6/19/2007): The PHP 5.2.3 packages have been updated. The Source RPM link below has also been updated to prevent anyone from downloading an out-of-date file.

PHP 5.2.3 Release Notes / Changelog

Update (9/24/2009): Packages deleted, use the yum repository instead.


56 Responses to “Upgrading to PHP 5.2.3 on RHEL and CentOS”
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